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What is stopconcussions.com?

stopconcussions.com has been designed to educate parents, players, coaches and officials on the cause, effects and consequences of concussions and neurotrauma injuries. Our platform has been developed to help everyone understand the principles in reducing the incidences of head injuries in sport and supply them with the necessary tools to make change.


What is a concussion?

Simply put, a concussion is a type of brain injury that changes normal working functions. It can be caused by a direct blow to the head or body that causes the brain and head to move quickly back and forth, or side to side. A concussion can’t be seen on an X-ray or CT scan and it is referred to as the “Invisible Injury”. The brain is a complex organ, controlling all body functions therefore a concussion can affect how you feel now, and in the future.


What to do when a concussion is suspected

  1. Stop all physical activities

  2. Seek proper medical advice

  3. Communicate how you or the child feels


The best treatment is REST

  • NO training, NO playing, NO exertion

  • NO TV, NO computers, NO cell phones


The Facts

  • All concussions are SERIOUS!

  • Most occur WITHOUT loss of consciousness.

  • Concussion symptoms DON’T always show up right away.

  • Concussions CAN occur WITHOUT direct head impact.

  • MOST concussions occur during regular contact.

  • Recognition and proper management of a concussion can help in the recovery and prevention of further injury, or even death.

  • Helmets, equipment and mouth guards DO NOT prevent concussions.


Cognitive Problems

  • Unaware of the time, date, place, year

  • General confusion

  • Inability to remember, before or after injury

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Poor concentration

  • Strange or inappropriate emotions


Physical Complaints

  • Headache or pressure in the head

  • Balance problems, dizziness

  • Feel dazed (e.g. “like in a fog”)

  • Feel rattled or stunned (e.g. “bell rung”)

  • See stars, double or blurry vision, glassy-eyed

  • Loss of vision, ringing in the ears

  • Sensitive to light / sound

  • Stomach ache, pain and / or nausea

  • Difficulty sleeping


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All content found herein is provided for information and educational purposes. This information should only be used to support - not replace- the advice of a doctor or other health professional.  Additionally, the information is not intended to provide medical, legal or financial advice. If you think you are concussed or know someone who may be concussed you should consult appropriate medical advice from a physician or other qualified healthcare professional prior to acting upon any information available at or through Source For Sports® retail locations or websites or stopconcussions.com website(s).